Happy New Year – Whatever 2021 may bring!

Shruthi and Arjun

If all of us only learned one thing from 2020 I can assure you that it’s – anything is truly possible. I hope and pray there is not another year like it that is for sure, but I can say that through it we certainly have have grown. Most of all it’s taught us how to “let go”, it’s something that we struggle with on many levels as humans but for me personally as a mom, artist, wife, daughter, sister I definitely try to maintain it as best as I can.  This year was a harsh reminder of the reality that all things are not in our control, however what is important is that we remember what it is that we are in control of such as; our minds, body’s, our health, our hearts and emotions, our ability to love one another and continue to do our part to be selfless and make the world a better place for each other regardless of the negativity that can be found when you look around. 

In 2021 my wish is that we all continue to find moments, somewhere quiet and peaceful, whether it be alone or with a significant other and continue to remind ourselves of why we exist and that the most important part of life is being selfless. After all something else had to give in order for all of us to be blessed by the beauty that surrounds us – find a way to be grateful and thankful everyday. Because if 2020 has taught us anything we know who it can easily be taken away. 

To our clients, friendors, friends, family, neighbors, strangers alike may 2021 present all of you with great opportunity, renewed strength, hope, joy and an open loving heart for one another as we move into being a stronger less divided loving nation. Cheers to the goodness that 2021 will bring! 

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