Monica & Rajan: Engaged! North Bethesda Marriott Affair

Monica and Rajan met up with us in Georgetown as it seems to be a hot spot these days for those engaged, thier wedding will follow in July at the beautiful North Bethesda Marriott!

As many of you may have noticed we geared it up this season with our bridal show attendance and you’d be surprised how indirectly it has helped us meet many of new faces! We had the opportunity of meeting Rajan as the Dream Shaadi Bridal Event, but it wasn’t until our official first meeting with the two, Monica and Rajan over lunch at Maggiano’s with Ani Sandhu of Ace of Events that we truly hit it off!

We are totally looking forward to this event as anyone who has the opportunity to work with Ace of Events knows that they day is destined to be organized to a “T”! Add the friendly staff at the Marriott to the mix and the evening will be just slightly over perfect for sure.

Spending time with Rajan and Monica was awesome as we were truly able to get to know them outside of our initial consult. Rajan certainly is a ball of laughs, it was truly a pleasure to watch them transform into becoming so relaxed in front of the lens, this is a sign for any couple that they made the right choice with their photographers!

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