The Lewis Family Portrait: Jess, Ben, Logan & Grinnin’ Graham!

Everyone is familiar with Ben and Jess, well it’s about time for a little blog debut as it has been way too long since they have has us shoot a family portrait! Now that their family is officially complete with two little ones; Logan and Graham! Now it is our turn to watch them through the years as they grow and endure the wonders of parenthood!

After their session in Old Town Warrenton it made me realize just how quickly our kids younger years have flown by, each day I try to embrace the ones we still have left that; while they are still dependent and need us on a daily basis. There are days I don’t know whether to embrace the fact they are maturing and becoming independent or to weep in sadness that my little ones no longer are eager and crying to sit on my lap or need help reaching for a glass or brushing their teeth, one thing I am certain of is that no matter how tall they become or how witty they are, they will always be my 9lb bundles of joy that we brought into this world never truly realizing how they would bless and impact our lives in such an extraordinary way!

P LewisFamily 2013 0341P LewisFamily 2013 1091

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