9 of 25: Melanie and Adam @ The Fairmont Hotel in Washington DC

If you need a day full of laughter and sunshine you would have to booked a double date with Melanie and Adam! Adam and Melanie can keep you entertained for hours of endless comic relief as they talk about anything and everything under the moon!

These two right from our first meeting were convinced that they already knew exactly what they wanted and it was pretty evident that they found it within our little piece of heaven here in our Old Town Warrenton studio. A lot of our bridal clientele that we meet with tend to invest a good amount of time with us on their first visit almost so that some of them we connect with so well that you want to make dinner and a movie out of it! Melanie is one of those girl’s that I imagine you would always invite over for a slumber party, as she would be the life of the party!

When you see her and Adam together it is so evident that Adam would give his own life for hers. The way that he looks at her and the tenderness and patience he has as he lets Melanie state her mind. Melanie equally returns the glares and the two of them no matter when or where are quite inebriated by one another.

I think Srinu and I need a M&A fix pretty soon as we are starting to feel a little bit of separation anxiety from the two of them! We love you guys and are honored that we were the chosen ones!

To view highlights from their wedding click here!

This was one of our most favorite shots of them together as they saw each other for the first time!
Melanie and Adam's Wedding, The Fairmont Hotel, Washington DC

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