8 of 25: Ann and Ken @ Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD

Ann and her mother Mary came out to the studio to meet with us from that of a wonderful referral from Cristin over at Wish Special Events (FYI that of which Associate Ryan photographed her wedding this year as well, check hers out by clicking here!). Ann is one of those women that when you meet them they have this aura that projects around them that shows that in their life they will accomplish something great and work hard to help others. Both Ann and Mary are teachers so the gift of giving knowledge is already there, making them a huge asset to the community.

When we met Mary she was undergoing chemo so having seen her again bright and shining on their wedding day was a feeling of overwhelming joy as she was simply blushing and full of joy with amazing hair that many women would die for! It is moments in our lives like these that make us step back and count our blessing and speak of thanks for what is in the present and now. Through this one single image taken while at Congressional Country Club of Ann and Ken that is relevant and obvious… this is one of my favorite images from their wedding day!

To view the highlight of their wedding day click here!
Ann and Ken married at, Congressional Country Club, in Bethesda, Maryland

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