10 of 25: Sara and Kevin @ Four Seasons in Georgetown

Kevin and Sara are both Dentists, Kevin in General Dentistry and Sara with a specialization in Pediatric Dentistry. The bright whites say it all!

I was on my way out to an ISES DC Board Meeting one day when I received the call from this amazing bubbly young lady named Sara. The moment I answered the phone her entire focus was on making an appointment to bring her fiance, Mother, Father and Sister out to meet with us to talk about her fabulous wedding and how extremely important their photos were to them.

Kevin was the quiet one as with many of our Regeti Groom’s although not all of them entirely, we do get a few into the studio that know and feel that they are certainly just as important and needed on the wedding day as the Bride.

But once again another Bride stole our heart and ran with it and we followed her out to the Cherry Blossoms on Easter morning to do her photos! Note that “The Regeti’s” haven’t ventured to the Cherry Blossoms since 2006 as we truly try to sway our clients from the blossoms as the focus is really on them and not their surroundings during our sessions. But Sara was set on the blossoms and I just could not tell her “No way!”. So as we were driving back into town that morning from a wedding in Jersey the night before we were able to spend what turned out to be an amazing evening with the two of them. Sara is very sharp, witty and full of charm there is much to love about her. Kevin is super smart, dedicated and those dimples I bet have broken some hearts!

You two as your careers bring you back to the Metro area please stay in touch, a little lunch with some old friends would serve you both well. Time is going to fly and you will be back in town before you two know it, we will await the telephone call!

Amy and Srinu

To view the highlights from their wedding click here!

I just have to do it… I promised to only post one image per post, but I honestly have two that are in a dead tie for her wedding. I CANNOT pick between them as they both include the two most important men in Sara’s life. I have to admit that I myself adore them as well. So here they are my 2 FAVORITES!

Sara and Kevin at the Four Seasons in Georgetown

There is no explanation needed, her Daddy just adores and loves her that much…
Sara and her Daddy, First Dance, Four Seasons in, Georgetown

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