Rikita and Jay | South Asian Wedding | Woodbridge, Virginia

Patel’s like to party, we like to party! Narrowing the guest list down when you have an event where everyone involved and invited is so important given a move towards a small micro-wedding has to be extremely hard, let alone when you need to change your date 3x’s given restrictions implemented plus keeping in mind that you are trying to consider every immediate family member’s availability has to be super challenging.

I commend Rikita for doing just that and bringing it all together on a holiday weekend. This wedding certainly set some standards for what is to come as the world of South Asian Indian weddings are now being planned. Creating a mindset of the possibilities of what may be yet to come for some.

We thank you for working with us and helping us to best serve and your families as you showed us a new way to keep pushing through. Micro-weddings are being embraced in a new light through redistributing and allocation of the budget, the guest list, precautions to keep everyone safe, and creating a more unique and intimate experience for everyone, we are excited to see what is to come with our weddings as our clients continue to embrace it all. Cheers!

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