Kritika and Pawan – Sangeet | Indian Wedding Celebration

For those who know us well or have been following us a long time, we do quite a bit of Indian weddings. Some think that it is because Srinu himself is Indian, but I assure you that is not the case as most people call and do not even think that “Regeti” is Indian or realize that Srinu is Indian until I make them aware. Initially, most of our Indian inquiries did not even hire us when we first began our business in 2003. However, now our Indian clientele is strongly referral based and tend to book out almost a year in advance. For us, it means a lot to see our clients and their families remain loyal and want us to take part in documenting another family event. It shows us not only how much they care, but how much they love our work and professionalism, and each time we are equally honored by it.

For Kritika and Pawn we unfortunately only provided coverage of their Sangeet based on a last-minute need but would have loved to share in their entire celebration. We tend to tell all our potential clients for this reason that if they are considering coverage on another day to simply block on our calendar even if they choose not to add coverage so that we do not miss the opportunity to be available for the pre-function events leading up to their wedding day. How and Why? Not only do we feel for us professionally it is the right courtesy to extend but personally, we get attached to each one of our clients and would be devastated not to be able to be a part of every event they may need coverage for. This is yet another indication of our ability to be flexible and committed to all of our clients throughout their wedding process.

Sangeets tend to kick off the more formal of the weekend events, often being the most relaxed and best way to get to meet all the extended family so throughout the events we know exactly what part each member plays.

We can’t thank Kritika and Pawan for bringing us in, and allowing us to help preserve these memories as you prepared to celebrate your wedding day!

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