Engaged Bridal Show at Four Seasons Baltimore Hotel, Maryland

Engaged! Magazine’s Bridal Show at the Four Seasons Baltimore Hotel was THE bridal event not to be missed! For those planning it is the event held annually in Washington DC and now Baltimore too that allows brides and planners a like to simply get a taste of the latest trends and offerings that are available within todays local DC, VA and MD market. It is a time when some of the areas finest come out to play bringing their talents to be seen and this weekend was a beautiful one!

The Four Seasons Baltimore Hotel has a breathtaking view as it over looks the harbor providing guests for any occasion the opportunity to indulge all their senses during any event held at this hotel. We were fortunate to have an opportunity to watch the sunset during the show and just happened to grab a capture while we were at it so that you could see for yourself, however our pictures can’t begin to do justice to the in person experience itself!

For those of you who may have missed it this time here are just a few professional shoutouts from participants we met up with at the show:

Four Seasons Baltimore Hotel
Strawberry Milk Events & Styling
La Cakerie
Stephanie Bradshaw Styling
Francesca’s Bridal Salon
Andy Kushner Entertainment
Romance of Flowers
Jane Iredale the Skincare Make-up
Sweet Hearts Patisserie – Fine Handmade Pastries
Christopher Schafer Clothier
Fox Ventures
Betsy Robinson’s Bridal
Bowen Films
Janet Flowers
PSAV Presentation Services
Honest Tea

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