Urmie & Enrique: Engaged in Old Town Alexandria @ the Torpedo Factory!

It’s that time of year where wedding season is about to hit all of us professionals pretty hard. Love is in the air and engagement season is finally here, it’s when couples either start their wedding planning or are beginning to wrap it up as their weddings are right around the corner. All the worker bees (event professionals) – including ourselves begin to come out of hibernation, give a great big stretch and begin to create these amazing events/images that were dreamt of over the last year or so. For Urmie and Enrique it just so happens that coincidentally they scheduled their engagement session on exactly the same date one year after their engagement, totally ironic!

With photographers, engagement season is our first true sign that spring is near, as our couples venture out of their homes and begin to embrace the warmth of the soon to be spring air. We dust off our camera’s and cleanse our sensors & lenses for all of the beautiful and unique image captures that await us in the new wedding year.

For Srinu and I – in the midst of our new client consultations, it’s great to step out with a current client and remind ourselves of why we do what we do – we were able to enjoy a breath of fresh air as Urmie and Enrique ventured out to Old Town Alexandria to meet up with us at The Torpedo Factory and Old Town Hall for their engagement portraits before their upcoming wedding is here on April 27th.

Urmie is such a southern belle, the total package with her sweet southern accent (where it comes from – none of us are totally sure!), sense of style and her candid laughter that makes anyone around her want to join in the party even if it’s solo! When you see these two together the amount of love they have for each other is quite obvious and out there, Enrique would do anything to make sure she is content and happy – this is a very good start to a long and happy marriage! The best part about it is that it came through in their images that the moment Urmie is in his arms nothing else seems to matter, it’s a sense of security that each girl seeks in companionship. Despite the cold, numbness and chattering of her teeth, Urmie pushed through the session and we were able to yield a few great captures from the day.

After today’s engagement session we are that much more excited for our wedding season to begin this year as we have a line-up of some pretty special couples. Blessed we are that Urmie and Enrique are among one of our first weddings to kick off a fabulous season of events!

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We are honored to say that this engagement session was featured on Weddings by Style Sweets blog!
Urmie and Enrique's Engagement Photos

Urmie and Enrique’s Engagement Photos

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