25 of 25: Carolyn and Yong @ Poplar Springs, Warrenton, Virginia

And finally the last of 25 Brides… Carolyn! Due to the two of them being married on just Tuesday we are just going to thank them for inviting us as their photographers to indulge along side of them as honored guests and retained professionals during their 8 course dinner for 8 at Poplar Springs Inn and Day Spa. It was an amazing experience. Howard and his team certainly did not disappoint during this amazing tasting of several offerings!

Srinu and I are so immensely happy for you both and know that you will have an amazing future together as persistence and patience surrounds you both. I know that you both will keep in touch and always remember that with all our clients that it’s about being part of a family and each and every one of our clients are just that! We want for you to keep in touch, call from time to time, even post on face book to us and always remember that seeing you grow into families is the added joy we have as photographers that have been blessed with the honor of being asked to photograph just one of what will be many amazing days of your lives as a couple!

Carolyn and Yung at Poplar Springs, Midland, Virginia

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