18 of 25: Julie and Sean @ 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, VA

Julie and Sean were one of very few weddings in which we were seated and restricted from photographing their wedding ceremony itself. The image I am posting goes out to all the Brides and Grooms that have had this happen to them on their wedding day, where their officiant restricts photos by not only the professional photographer, but friends and family alike. And also to all the photographers who have had this happen to them. It broke our hearts not to photograph as the church had beautiful natural light that would have allowed us to be totally unobtrusive while photographing. What is a pretty standard wedding shot almost never was allowed to be taken.

This image was taken “illegally” considering we were seated and prohibited from photographing at all whatsoever during the service by the Reverend. The Reverend went out of her way after Julie and Sean made their way down the aisle to announce it to everyone before proceeding further that “Camera’s and video were not permitted during any part of the ceremony.”, we felt personally that every Bride and Groom deserves a photo of their first kiss! When you look at the “Reverend” in this photo it is almost impossible for one to think that a person can look that happy for two people and yet not allow them to have memories when making the biggest commitment ever and sharing those documented moments in time with their future children and grand children.

Julie and Sean we love you guys and hope that through the moments that we were able to document your wedding day that you both will be able to share with generations to come, the most amazing day of your lives. You two were a sheer joy to work with!

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Julie and Sean's first kiss!
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