Nikon D3: This camera is insane !!!

Nikon D3 – a new addition to my gear and the camera is insane ! Its going to change the way we shoot. Here are couple of images shot at 25600 (yes thats 25,600 ISO!). If you want the originals (for the Gadget Geek) to view the EXIF data click on the links below. So if you are a Nikon shooter then go get this camera !

No post processing, straight out of camera and the RAW files converted to JPEG using Capture NX. One with NR turned on in NX and one turned off in NX. Original file in camera had NR turned OFF.

Nikon D3 at ISO 25600

Nikon D3 at ISO 25600

And here are the links to the originals:…5600_NR_ON.jpg…600_NR_OFF.jpg

Here is a link to the RAW file:…b/DSC_0112.NEF

Exif Info for Nikon D3 image at ISO 25600

More to come…

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