Floral Preservation…Anyone ever heard of it?

We happened to be at a networking party last night for HCC – Hunt Country Celebrations which is a smaller networking group out here in the local area particularly known as Hunt Country, Horse Country, Piedmont whatever you want to call it.

Anyway we met the nicest lady by the name of Mary Beth and were able to talk a little in detail about her business and found it truly fascinating! We thought what better than to share it with all of our Brides! It is Flower Preservation… so we know you have it done to your dress but we never thought to have it done to your flowers! But they do it. You ship or drop your bouquet off to this Sister (yes! they are sisters!) duo and they literally rebuild your bouquet after photographing it, pulling it apart, pressing each petal, rebuilding it and mounting it onto archival mat board and then air tight framing it! Talk about cool, we had to check out her site to see for ourselves after hearing her talk about it. Either way we thought it was pretty cool to share as they are having bouquets dropped and shipped from all over the country all the time! Ladies you will have to check this out as they are very affordable too!

All Season’s Pressed

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