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Just wanted to post an update as to what we are doing here at RP! As most know the winter is typically what photographers consider their slow period when it comes to weddings as the portrait season hits its high! Fortunately taking us out to NYC and Cincinnati on tour for our Boudoir Marathons and we are really excited as we look forward to shooting over 30 clients from Jan 12 until Jan 22! Â Should any of our clients back here at home need us NO FEAR feel free to continue calling and if we are unavailable be sure to leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly as we will be checking email and voicemail while we are away.Â

The start of the New Year has been energizing! Reviving to say the least, having been able to spend much needed time with family and friends that sometimes gets away from us as we prioritize our clients and happily wrap ourselves up in them. We are really excited to hit the New Year in mid February with our first full fledge wedding at the Bethesda North Marriott Center, one of our most favorite places to shoot at! It will be an Indian ceremony, which for us can be so much fun as we relive a little of our own ceremony as Srinu and I were married in a Hindu ceremony as well as a Christian ceremony, it is always nice to jump back into the swing of it all on the other side of the lens! Keep checking back for the latest news and updates as we will be posting some wedding reminders to help gear the 2007 Brides up for a successful photographic experience during their wedding day as we start posting “RP Wedding Tips of the Week” posted every Monday which eventually will all archive together for quicker reference, our new website along with fresher images will be launched within the next week to ten days. In March we will be covering the MDA Gala as we have been asked to cover the event for them, refusing payment as we truly believe in the cause and what they do and could not be more honored then we are by being asked to cover the event for the MDA, we thank them for the opportunity to give something back to our community for all that it gives us, we could not think of anywhere else we would rather be on March 10th ! How meant to be that they are doing an Asia theme!

Last but not least you can find Regeti’s featured in the latest issues of MODERN BRIDE,  ENGAGED!, VIRGINIA BRIDES, and I DO for Brides. 2007 will be bringing great things for our Brides we thank all of you for your love, support, and encouragement as we continue bringing you the best of Regeti’s!Â

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