How to Select a Wedding Venue

Selecting a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you may make when planning your wedding celebrations. Your venue has the ability to play a big role in the atmosphere not only ascetically but professionally.

Venues have been sources of referrals for decades now not only for brides but equally vendors that serve them, knowing and understanding the basics of how they determine their recommendations can be vital to ensuring the vendors you select are the best for your style, personality and event coverage. Some preferred vendors are vetted and held to a standard of being talented, reliable, trusted, insured, referenced by a past client/colleague or have established a great rapport with each venue over the years based on their work and professionalism, but beware there are some venues that work off a system of ‘kick-backs’ in which the industry refers to it in which a venue will make recommendations and then require the venue to be paid a percentage of each booking, this is at the vendor’s discretion to participate and certainly each individuals right. Where the problem lies is if this is passed onto the client in pricing, you could be paying more for your venue than you might realize.

The second note to keep in mind is plan A and plan B for your venue especially if what appeals to you most about your venue is having your wedding outdoors. You want to know that if your dream outdoor wedding were to move indoors by executive decision just hours before – what plan B looks like and if you are going to have sufficient lighting, space and ensure your outdoor decor doesn’t clash with the interior decor too harshly, perhaps discussing this with your decorator in advance would also help to be more forward-thinking in the event of a sudden change of plans. Especially where lighting is concerned.

The venue here pictured is the Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg, Virginia which has become very popular amongst South Asian and culturally fused clients especially Indian wedding affairs within the area expanding into brides searching from the Washington DC and Maryland areas as well.

Aditi and Abi South Asian Wedding Celebrations at Lansdowne Resort in Leesburg Virginia Indian Wedding Photographers F Aditi Abishek Wed2019 01777
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