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With the kick off of spring and the wrapping up of our last spring bridal show for the first quarter of our 2019 year, it went out with a bang as Rosemont Manor certainly put on a classy show in their new BARN. What a beauty she is, I must say I have not seen anything like her – Charlottesville venues have nothing on this little gem as she shines – no expense spared. My favorite is the water feature!!! Feels like a barn located in the Rocky Mountains!

Our first wedding in the new barn is in June of this year with more to come so stay posted if you are excited to see it in all it’s glory as we are going to comb over every inch of it in detail while there!

A kind thank you to all the AMAZING staff over there at Rosemont Manor as they have a pretty hard working, friendly and out going dedicated crew over there catering to their clientele, I think that this venue has turned it’s competition upside down!

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