Video: Why is an engagement session important?


At Regeti’s we feel being comfortable with your photographer is possibly the most important part of ensuring your images are going to be as natural as possible. We stress this so much so that our engagement sessions are offered completely complementary to our clients on the understanding that they have to use it before the wedding day or they simply lose it. The offering is designed so that we have an opportunity to meet with our clients on a more personal level getting to know them as a couple and allowing them to get to know us as well as a couple too who are going to be part of all of their events while each unfolds.

Your photographer should not only be able to set you at ease in front of the camera lens. Through their ability to pose and articulate how to pose that allows you to quickly move into a comfort zone that helps them to create awe-inspiring imagery that the two of you will appreciate for years to come. They should be able to walk you through questions regarding clothing and styling to obtain a more editorial look in your images. While not all clients are at ease nor comfortable in front of our lens we will continue to shoot till we reach a point where we feel that they are comfortable and in turn, we have images that they will be happy with – its a mission that we choose each session to accomplish prior to wrapping up.

We have a handful of clients who will ask if they can exchange or swap out these sessions for an additional hour of our services and unfortunately due to the nature and reason behind offering these sessions complimentary it would be defeated by doing so. Often enough they understand and know that it is in their best interest to enjoy that time with us and allow them to work through their posing techniques before the day of as ultimately all of our goals to acquire the best imagery possible are the same. I urge clients whether hiring us or not that they remember that portrait images come from an investment if not only their time but also ours and in so many ways the gift of this free session winds up to be the ultimate wedding gift ever!

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