Hiral and Sunit: Coming soon to Westin Washington Dulles!

Being in the business of photographing/documenting weddings of many faiths and cultures you meet a lot of wonderful and delightful people. There are mom’s, dad’s, brother’s, sister’s, cousins and grandparents. There is much to be said about family dynamics all around the globe and the customs that we use to show our respect. Indian weddings with their vibrant colors, fabulous food and unique set of rituals are each one of a kind as no two are the same. Hiral and Sunit are just that, we cannot wait for their upcoming celebration this August and are looking forward to spending time with both families during their celebrations.

Sunit, I know you already know this, but from the moment I met Hiral, I knew she was an RP Bride, but what stood out the most was her kindheartedness and gentle spirit. We could have spent time chatting for hours if we didn’t have places to go. Her smile and laughter is genuine in its purest form and each and every time I talk to her, the calmness and joy in her tone is enough to simply make your gray skies go away.

It was a pleasure to spend the morning with you both despite the wind trying to interfere with our time together, picking a couple of our favs was extremely tough!

Can’t wait to see you both again in August at the Westin at Washington Dulles and work with the Dream Shaadi Team (Sumeet Bugai)!

Indian Engagement Session


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You can view their wedding photos posted on our blog at Hiral and Sunit’s South Asian Indian Wedding at The Westin Washington Dulles Airport | Northern Virginia Wedding Photographers

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