Seema + Vijay : Tying a knot.

And the most thorough and well thought out wedding planning goes to… Seema and Vijay. Within each little detail S+V never missed a beat. If we were thinking of it S+V already thought about it. In all the weddings that we have photographed and advised our clients always have taken tidbits of information that they felt was useful and applied what worked for them, S+V followed each piece of advice given to them by all their event professionals right down to the letter of the law!

It was an absolute pleasure to work with both S+V and their families during their amazing wedding through the planning and execution of the entire event production it was like being in the presence of family the entire time! Love you guys, it was an honor to be included in your wedding day. Cheers!

How could I forget to THANK!!! Joshua Komanapalli who we love dearly and shot along side of us the entire day, we love you man!

Seema and Vijay were married at Renaissance Washington, DC

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