Come out, come out where ever you are! An RP Blog Update Oh My.

So the Regeti’s have begun emerging from beneath all the amazing, fabulous and wonderful events from 2011 and are off to a running start this fine and fabulous New Year with lots of things not only to catch up on (like 70+ blog posts!), but also some announcements that are exciting to our ongoing success as photographers within the industry and among our clientele. We hope that everyone will keep an eye out for our blog posts that we are going to be catching up on over the next few weeks as well as the new website that will be launching very soon!

A few things that our subscribers and viewers can look forward to that are COMING SOON are:

*more frequent blog updates
*weekly tips for bridal and portrait clients
*call to action modeling requests – submissions will be required
*a new website and fresher blog feel
*videos as we fuse cinematography services
*full write-ups on “people-that-we-love” and “things-that-inspire”

We have been so honored and blessed throughout the years to enjoy some of the most amazing of brides whom we have grown so attached to in addition to such a great & wonderful diversified bit of portrait clientele. With an upcoming year of new endeavors and many pleasant surprises we are looking forward to working with some new faces, in new places and photographing among new spaces!

~Warmest Regards~
Amy and Srinu

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