Amrit, Jennifer, Tove and Ryken!

I am proud to know Jennifer and Amrit for quite a few number of years now after meeting Jennifer in a chat forum. One of the common links we have is that we are both “Married to India”. Many may not know but in 2007 I became a published author. Having written a book called “Married to India” under the pen name Amy MacEmcy (my Maiden name) a group was formed online that has helped many people learn and understand the differences that can often come when marrying into the Indian culture. Even if you are an Indian born and raised in the USA marrying someone who was born and raised in India can bring with it some of the same issues as the customs and traditions from each family tend to vary.

It was a pleasure to have Jennifer and Amrit out to the studio while on travel to Virginia from Michigan, we feel that it was such a privilege to photograph the family that they have worked so hard to grow. You guys are amazing people, it’s an honor to call you our friends!

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