Mashlie’s wedding at the Park Hyatt in Washington DC!

Ashlie and Matthew it really is! But it seems that they are better known when blended together as Mashlie! I thought it was pretty cute! With these two… I will try not to go on and on as it is enough to look at these two beautiful people and get jealous! But to know that their hearts are equally as beautiful on the inside is what is the WOW factor! Ashlie is this little compact package that comes with a big punch! The hot fudge sundae with the perfect cherry on the top, this little lady is a grade school teacher that used to teach in Harlem and her now hubby Matthew will wind up becoming that cute small town lawyer that saves some poor unfortunate soul like in the movies and they live happily ever after in the end! Okay so that is all made up other then the fact that those are their true professions, I just imagined the story as it would so very well suit them both 😉

If Ashlie could bottle herself into little sample viles like they used to hand out in the AVON samples (remember those! do they still do that?) she could sell each one for at least $1 million dollars! Even now if Ashlie leaves me a message I just want to keep playing it back again and again because just hearing the happiness that exudes her is enough to make everyone she meets her best friend!

We can’t say enough about Ashlie, Matt and their families as it was our utmost pleasure to work with them all!

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