17 of 25: Rakesh and Vidya @ Sheraton National in Arlington, VA

Our Labor Day Bride and Groom, Rakesh and Vidya! This was a couple that had their hearts set on us even before they walked through the door. Rakesh refused to leave until we allowed him to secure their wedding date!

Vidya herself has to be one of the most quietest, laid back, down to earth South Asian bride that I have EVER met, not that I don’t love all our girls the same! It was just so nice to have her embrace the fact that she trusted whatever we did, recommended knowing that she hired because we would do whatever it took to ensure that she had wonderful shots of just how her day was, just as it happened. I have to admit that before even blogging I knew which shot was my favorite, ever so vivid there is one image hands down that I love more than any other that we had taken on her wedding day even though Rakesh and Vidya have a lot of images to LOVE!

Both their families are equally amazing and to hear Vidya’s dad speak of her was almost enough to bring tears to any daughter’s eyes, her dad explains her as an “Atomic burst of joy…”, Vidya is just that and Rakesh so very well adds to the beauty of her joy, you see them together and his focus in life is making sure Vidya is always happy! That is an ideal hubby for sure.

We hope that you will both keep in touch and that we may see you around in the New Year!

To view highlights from their wedding click here!

Rakesh and Vidya wed at Sheraton National, Arlington, Virginia, Hindu Ceremony, Pundit

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