15 of 25: Lindsay and Sean @ Whitehall Manor in Leesburg, VA

Guess who is going to have a baby in June??? Bet you give up … haha! Of course Lindsay and Sean. They are going to rock being great parent, even more so cause Sean appears to be a pretty much loved teacher and football coach. I am betting on a girl for sure, but hey I have been wrong before! Either way we are anticipating some baby bump, newborn photos and them returning in to take advantage of their “RP Clients for Life” sessions with us!

Lindsay even though our Bride is very much the sister to Jess our Associate shoot team and from knowing Jess for a while they are very much opposites for sure. Seeing the two of them it go from engaged to married and now officially Lindsay and Sean are on their way into parenthood we are just super-excited for them as I truly feel as a parent myself there is nothing in life more rewarding than that of being a mother. Granted it has it’s days, but luckily the awesome days out weigh any of the crazy ones making them all very worth it!

You two shouldn’t forget about us ! We will be waiting for the call 😉

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Lindsay and Sean, married, Whitehall Manor, Leesburg, Virginia

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