The much loved Jakum’s, a permanent fixture to the studio!

Anyone living in Warrenton Virginia with a child between the ages of birth through 18 knows that without him in town taking the best care of our little ones that we would all be lost without his wisdom, guidance, skill and most of all patience with not only our little ones, but us crazy parents that run to the office for every sniffle, sneeze or bruise that may be subject to our thoughts of internal bleeding 😉 He is our hero!

So that leaves the Jakum Family as a whole, and let’s just say that they are an amazing family to know. Erin is much to say the opposite of Dr. Jakum and their children one day will be able to grow up and look back on it all and know how very special thier parents truly are!

Now showing at the Regeti’s Studio is a beautiful 40×60 of the Jakum Family that will proudly grace our wall for years to come as the epitome of why it is so wonderful to live in this small Town of Warrenton Virginia and the families that are being nurtured out here. It’s a quality of life like no other!

Peek over to Ryan’s blog to see more photos of the Jakum Family!

The Jakum Family

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