What a great year for our boys!

It was awesome this year as we were able to see our boys play soccer! It is the first year for both of them and boy did they go out with a bang.

Last year Bradley our oldest son played baseball and no matter how much I love the sport there is no way I could withstand another year of watching him day dream in the field! So we opted to move for soccer this year and glad we did…

What started off with our youngest son Brijesh letting us know that he was not going to play after already being signed up, his exact words were “I am not playing, I am going to stand there and let the other team win.”, I then told him that was fine, however I don’t know that he would have too many teammates as his friends. So on the day of his first game he scored 2 goals and after I said, “Hey Brijesh, what happened I thought you were going to let the other team win?”, he followed it by saying “Man, I forgot!” He is such the joker! They both had a blast and are already signed up for the spring league to now include our youngest daughter too!

Kids Soccer Pics

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