Regeti Kids Back to School – 2009

In all the craziness of the week with getting the kids back to school and all that comes along with it, signing papers and shopping. And just when you feel you finished shopping you have to shop for more 😉

Tied into it was also the wedding celebrations of Rachna and Nitin spanning over the past 10 days… literally bring the studio to a halt! We just wanted to thank the team for hanging in there through the last week with the schedule changes and last minute notices. You all were great and we truly appreciate your patience and willingness to so quickly adapt to the change in plans from day to day!

For those who have been following our blog for years now it is that time of year where school is back in session and we see the kids off on their first day. It was very bitter sweet we must say as all of them are officially in school this year. From the top to bottom:

Brittney (13 on September 4th!) 8th class, Bradley (8) 3rd class, Brijesh (7 on September 14th!) 2nd class and Bhavika (5) Kindergarten. Boy was that a tough one seeing potentially the last one off to school on her first day…

I know that this is so cliche, however I know alot of our brides are with babies now and as you can see looking back on our blog, what our parents have said all along “They grow up so fast.” is all too true of words. My heart breaks some days to know that I cannot hold them in my arms and on my lap forever. The marriage of our couples confirms that destiny will occur for each one of them.

It was bitter sweet because as we are excited for what the future holds for them yet at the same time saddened that one day possibly sooner than we could boldly imagine they themselves will be saying all of this to us as they watch their little ones grow…

I am off to find the tissues, but for those of you following here are the annual “First Day Back” photos! (You can search for Brijesh and come up with lots of past ones too!)

For our past brides and clients we love to get you to post on the blog as to what you think would be a good 13th birthday itinerary for Brittney! Post away…

Back to School Pictures - 2009

Back to School Pictures - 2009

Back to School Pictures - 2009

Back to School Pictures - 2009

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