Tag, were it!

Okay so looks like there are now blog chain letters and hey if it generates more hits the Regeti’s are up for it. Thanks to Thomas a German photographer that we have become friends with over the past couple years has officially tagged us after being tagged by Critsey Rowe who has been tagged by the McLellans who have been tagged by David Baxter …

So here we go….

1. I am the same age as most of our Brides although sometimes a bit younger.

2. Srinu and I do sleep! ;-p (Many think we don’t.)

3. Photographing boudoirs aren’t as easy as all our friends think that they are ;-}

4. I shoot wide mostly and Srinu shoots tight.

5. My mother-in-law lives with us 6 months out of the year and I am still sane!

6. Srinu has his masters in computer science.

7. Amy used to be a Hospice nurse before photography.

8. Srinu is an awesome singer too!

Now onto tagging 8 photographers back in return…. at this point I am sure just about everyone has been tagged by now, but anyhoo here are a couple that we are pretty fond of!

Bill and Annie Holland – Holland Photo Arts

Allegra – Allegras Studio

Corbin Harris – CMH Photo

The Wiebners – The Wiebners

Kerry Ghastley – K and R Photography

Greg Gibson – Greg Gibson

Andy Peterson – Studio 563

Glenn Barnett – Glenn Barnett

Kevin Jairaj – KJ Images

Laura Olsen – In His Grace Photography

Okay I think that is a wrap now!

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