School is back in session!

Thank the Lord above! 3 of our 4 wonderful children are in school now and the house was quiet like never before as Bhavika our youngest was all alone! I don’t think she herself could beleive it! Needless to say we won’t play it tough…

Our oldest Brittney had her first day in Middle School today as we dropped her off and watched her run into the school almost all grown up just happy to be big finally! She was up and ready at 4:30am and did not have to be there till 7am! I can certainly remember being that age although I will have to say alot has certainly changed since then. As we attended 6th grade orientation and Brittney informs us of all the gossip that she has accumulated and taken in about the teachers at the new Middle School, let’s just say the kids have it down to a science when it comes to describing their teachers! I myself had to pull over to wipe my eyes dry before merging into the traffic. To see our little girl becoming independent is certainly alot to take in. We finally allowed her to cut off all her hair that was once down to her butt due to the advice of some of our Brides who were tourtured with the length of their hair growing up. They litterally begged us to let her cut it! Her appreciation and thanks goes out to you ladies 😉 To say the least her classmates were stunned when she showed up for class a bit lighter!

As for our little guys….

Bradley was just the cool rider with the attitude that he has been there done that and will now take care of his little brother as an older brother ought to do. Can’t you tell from just these shots!

Brijesh our littlest of men in the Regeti house was not ready and certainly not to spend the entire day with a stranger at that! He pouted and asked if we were going with him, went on to ask us if we were staying only to tell us that he simply wasn’t going without us. We were prepared and ready to be strong and listen to him cry as we walked away down the hall, however thankfully a good truck puzzle waiting at his desk did the trick!

The first day of the school year is officially over and the children are now home. And we as parents are looking forward to tomorrow!

bradleyBrijesh Aug2007 5

bradleyBrijesh Aug2007 4

bradleyBrijesh Aug2007 3

bradleyBrijesh Aug2007 2

bradleyBrijesh Aug2007 1

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