RP Update!

As many of you are aware we have been crazy busy touring nationally with our Marathons therefore there has been a little bit of a delay in updating the blog, however the wait is over for those of you emailing with blog withdraw as we quickly post what we have been busy with over the last week or so minus the continuous boudoir sessions that aren’t posted nor mentioned due to the wedding season and our brides parents and grandparents peeking in on the blog! Please do forgive although we will try to heat you up a bit more in the winter with a few.

For those trying to reach us via telephone we were having a few issues with our voicemail latley that has been corrected and the issue revolved thanks to good ole’ AT&T, talk about wanting to “reach out and touch someone!” anyways……. we are back and on a role!

Texas should ship out this week as well as Oregon will be up and online!

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