Be careful, I am broke!

So most of you following the blog already know by now our youngest son Brijesh broke his leg on 5.25.07, however through the pain and sorrow of it all we have been able to keep his spirits up and sway away from any negitivity. With that said we all know kids say the darndest things, we thought that we would share with our viewers a quick post of the top 5 quotes from our 4 year old since he broke his leg a week back.

Top 5 Quotes

(1) “Why is no one elses leg broken?”
(2) “If I break my other leg I can walk on my hands.”
(3) “I am a mighty morphin Power Ranger!”
(4) “Bradley (his older brother) hasn’t told me he is sorry for breaking my leg.”
(5) “I want to do it all by myself (pause….) will you carry me?”

We also wanted to take the time to thank every one for their emails and kind gestures during this time at the Regeti household! It is truly amazing how children can quickly adapt to their enviornent that it makes me want to be a kid again! However Brijesh is doing great and he is on the road to recovery. He will be in this full cast for just 2 more weeks, x-rayed and placed into a cast midway up his calf for an additional 3 more weeks. Till then we are blessed with the loud thuds around the house as he builds his upper body strength by dragging himself here and there!

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