Grateful for Love.

We rushed to the hospital yesterday with our youngest son after he fell from
the steps of our backyard play set. After a few x-rays later we were told that he had sustained a spiral fraction to his lower left leg. Trying to be strong for him we held it together while in his sight and broke down while walking and pacing the hospital hallways.

It is every day that we are reminded that we are parents through the trials, tribulations, and disciplinary actions that take place throughout a long day with our children, however it is never spoken on a daily basis or even quite often, if at all, that you are loved in return for being a parent. The sacrifices that are sustained for your family can sometimes be quite significant, but with all that said it is through a child’s eyes when they are in need, in pain, in distrust that one glance into their eyes can remind you of their undying love, respect, and honor that they will always have deep inside their hearts for their parents. Who love nurture and educate them. I saw this for the first time through our little boys eyes yesterday as he was so tough and so strong going through the whole experience of it all.

It is today that I am the most grateful of all that I have my family, my home, and we all have our health. Definitely makes you sit back and think about all that one has in their lives to be grateful for.

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