The Regetis are tired!

Okay so we are officially BEAT DOWN! After our return Friday at 7am from Vegas and two sessions following shortly after our arrival along with a scheduled CPA appointment and a few brief hours of sleep followed by a wedding on Saturday with another few brief hours of sleep continuing on throughout this evening with our 3 FREE sessions that were given on V-Day!

We are sad to say that we will not be posting this evening in regards as we are officially ding, dang tired and retiring in to catch some ZZZZ’s we will be posting our wedding and 3 sessions from today tomorrow evening once the images are processed.

Sorry Jill, Allison, Kelly, and Heather, but you will have to wait just another day longer 😉 But we promise it will be worth it!

Nighty, nite, nite!
The Regetis!

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