RP Tip #7: Priceless

Disclaimer: RP Tips are based solely on our experiences as full time wedding photographers and posted at our discretion. RP Tips may not suit everyone’s wants or needs. RP Tips are offered as a benefit to brides planning their wedding day in an effort to get the best results from a photographer from our stand point. RP Tips are a trademark of Regeti’s Photography owned and operated by Amy and Srinu Regeti.

Okay so we are going through and editing/processing our wedding from this weekend. We realized that we forgot to post our tip this week! So we decided that we have to make this one really good one! We have decided to post a before and after image that we shot for those of you who may still be looking for or planning to book your photographer. Many magazines and so forth post these standard list of questions to ask your photographer when they honestly have no clue what to tell you to ask them as they have been printing the same standard list for years! So here is the Regeti’s take on how you should look at your images to find what it is your really looking for in a photographer. As the first image is perfectly composed, follows the rules and to some and most is a great shot just as it is. The second is the finished and final product of an already great image. You can’t help but look at the two and think to yourself that it truly is worth paying more for a finished product. So we leave you on this note and with the images below. This our dear friends is the RP Tip we leave you with today!

When hiring your wedding photographer always remember what it is that your children and grandchildren have to look back on in the future is really what matters in the present.



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