RP Tip #4: Coverage time needed.

Disclaimer: RP Tips are based solely on our experiences as full time wedding photographers and posted at our discretion. RP Tips may not suit everyone’s wants or needs. RP Tips are offered as a benefit to brides planning their wedding day in an effort to get the best results from a photographer from our stand point. RP Tips are a trademark of Regeti’s Photography owned and operated by Amy and Srinu Regeti.

As we are in a heavy booking part of the season many clients are unsure of how much coverage they actually need. This has always been quite interesting as it varies from bride to bride and her priorities for her big day. We often recommend that we start when you begin getting ready. If your hair and makeup is being done at a salon then often times the photographer will begin at the hotel or church wherever you will be slipping into your dress. You want to remember that when it comes to your reception it is important to stay on a timeline as it allows everything to move in an orderly fashion. This is where a really great coordinator or day of coordinator (DOC) can come into play, relieving a lot of stress and anxiety from the Bride in return. Having your photographer there through all the main events is really important so staying on schedule will save time and money when it comes to extra hours needed. Most photographers will stay through till all the events are carried out, however there may be additional fees associated. On average weddings tend to need no more then 7 to 8 hours of coverage from start to finish when planned efficiently.

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