RP Update

So you are wondering what has happened to The Regeti’s!!! Well we are here, catching up on a lot of lost sleep none the less however our little mini-vacation here has been packed full of wonderful moments as the holiday season approaches and the kid’s class parties kick into play and our parently duties have to kick into action we attend our oldest daughter Brittney’s chorus début… let’s just say it brought back some memories indeed of those chorus days when we would perform at the Mall! Oh my how happy am I that I am not the one on stage, but they did a great job and you could just tell the children were so very happy and proud of the time and effort that the group put into it they were awesome even though towards the end Santa Clause took over on the electric guitar and out did the chorus, but hey let’s just say thank goodness for photographs that tell a moment and a montage that can make the memory!


Santa Clause

We also have been working very hard networking with some of the locals here in Warrenton getting to know the town and the people in it during our winter break and are feeling quite accomplished. This evening having shot Steve and Todd’s headshots, who are our neighbors at our Studio. Steve owns his own settlement firm here in Warrenton. We will be photographing Steve, his wife and 9 children this upcoming Saturday! We are so excited as they are all home schooled and have not recently had any photos taken in a while. His children range from 6 months to 14 years so it should be really fun!!!

steve2006 11c

steve2006 19c

And now for the update as many of you have been waiting… our bunny drama! Today the first two have finally opened their eyes as they are all beginning to hoppity hop around! Instinct is also kicking in as they are now hoping over to the potty area of the cage and going potty and some of their eyes aren’t even open yet! Okay so who can say these little critters aren’t just adorable! Although the drawback is that Momma isn’t so friendly these days and some say that she will return to her normal state once the bunnies stop nursing. I hope so, as we were really enjoying her. It looks like we are also getting quite attached to two of the little ones but inevitably will have to take the one’s that are still left back to the pet shop sometime right before Easter, hopefully they will be able to find them all happy suitable homes!

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