To be a “Mrs.”!!!

As many of our clients and boudoir fans know we specialize in a unique style of boudoir photography, better known as ” RP Pinup” Images. We are the modernized edge of “Pinup” photography and one of the first in the country to specialize in it!

To give you who do not know what “Pinups” are a quick briefing. “Pinups” became very well known in the early 1900’s as our troops headed out off to war. Their ladies in waiting would have their portraits done and send them off to their soldiers, who then would “Pinup” these images on their lockers, hence the name was then coined “Pinup” which vastly grew the meaning of “the all american woman”. Most of these images were the work of artist such as painters and their imaginations and interpretations of the ” All American House Wife” none were ever photographed rather painted on canvas with oils or pastels and very few were ever able to perfect the art of lingerie in the “Pin-up” art due to the difficulty in being able to get the real sense and feel of it being some what transparent.

We thoroughly enjoy capturing these images in which our clients are proud to present to their significant others on the day of their wedding, one year anniversaries, or on Valentines’ day! These are truly the gift that will live on!

In order to respect our client’s privacy we will be posting only one image from today’s session on the blog.

RP Pinup

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