Why would S/He do that ?

Today I was contacted by another photographer and was asked to take a look at the following website.


Well if you have already clicked on the link then you probably realized that he or she is using the same website template as mine. Cannot complain about that because he/she probably used the same company that I used for the website. Well what upsets me is that he is in the same local area.

Now comes the most important part ! Without shame s/he copied photographs from other well known Photographers ! If you look at the following websites then you will see it:


If copied website is not working then probably he was already contacted by the PPA lawyers for violating copyright law.


I just tried going to the website and looks like the images are now already pulled down. But you can still view them here:


Did little bit more research on this guy and finding that he also owner(?) at this place ?


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