Lisa and Wade

Lisa: Art Student, does computer graphics and photography. Loves doing large format though her latest pride and joy is her Canon 20D. Currently she is taking courses in Studio Lighting.

Wade: Two words – “Computer Geek”

Well, I shot their wedding on September 10th, 2005 ! Lisa likes my work and thats the biggest complement for the day especially coming from an experienced photographer such as her. Ofcourse her interests in photography are nature and her husband. She showed me a beautiful portrait of Wade ( candle light ) she did in Black&White with a large format camera. Her photography instructor was there at the wedding and it was a challenge for me.

Here are few pictures:

lisawade wed 267 std
lisawade wed 189 std
lisawade wed 103 std

Here is a picture I really like which I took just before the toast.

lisawade wed 499 std

Here is a picture of Lisa’s mom which shows my attempt to play in photoshop.

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