Will your photographer be detail-oriented?

Growing up with a European father he always would say “the devil’s in the details” I always found it to be strange, that is until you realize how detail-oriented you are as a person. This is important to come to terms with from the beginning of your working relationship as it can tell you early on a lot about the working relationship you might have with your photographer(s).

This can often be determined by responsiveness, attitude, interactiveness, excitement regarding your event, and the particulars along with how they walk through your coverage needs prior to providing you with packaging or proposal details.

Detail shots require time, setup, patience, understanding of lighting, depth, and being prepared. In a world where Pinterest and Instagram feeds are constantly full of them, every client needs to understand the requirements to make them happen – first and foremost having them on location, compiled and ready when your photographer arrives to do them during getting ready time when things are a bit more relaxed and time permits is a great way to ensure nothing gets missed.

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