There is about to be a RP Blog Flood!

Sooooooooo….. many of you are cursing us as we haven’t been quite ourselves on the blog front this year. None-the-less we have been remarkably blessed and busy with the limited 25 events we take each year combined with the commercial and studio work that keeps us on our toes!

With that said we have decided to procrastinate no more and catch our blog up to date with our weddings as so many have looked forward to being posted and the time has simply slipped away. Most of our portrait and commercial posts have been kept current and we encourage those of your interested to seek us out on FB (

Once we are updated it is a New Year’s resolution of ours to keep on top of our post this year, posting a snap shot of our favorite shot from our events followed up by a FB posting in which friends of the clients will be able to view in more detai on the client’s FB page.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and ongoing support on our FB as we officially have hit 50,000! That needless to say has been amazing for us as we know that many of you have caught up with our busy schedules watching us posting!

We are looking forward to yet again another amazing year at RP!

Happy Holidays & Viewing!
Amy and Srinu Regeti

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