The Extended Wagner Family: RP Signature Series Launch!

Many of you may take notice and remember Ashlie and Matthew, one among many of the beautiful and stunning couples that we have had the opportunity of photographing! Well, it so turns out that their family is beginning to expand as a whole and we were fortunate enough to be able to set the scene to photograph it!

Having come together from all parts of the East Coast, with the talent of our fabulous stylist Erin, and some new Hasselblad technology, the result … a breathtaking family portrait to be hung “Regeti Style”. There is nothing more price-less than your family. To have an extended portrait that displays each couple in their element is the only way to go!

This is the beginning of our launch into our RP Signature Series. You may be asking yourself “What is that?” well let me explain; here at Regeti’s Photography we will not only style your extended immediate family heirloom portrait, but will handle the logistics that come along with it, such as; hair and make-up, the location, lighting, decor etc. giving you the ultimate high-end result of a ROCKSTAR family portrait that will become a conversational piece within your home for years to come whether you desire a more contemporary wall arrangement, a framed highly-ornate design or a gallery wrap that will adorn your family room.

These sessions typically take a half-day to execute and are assigned a fee to cover all the needs for your individual shoot based on the number of family members, the location and the end product desired. After you schedule your portrait date and time with us we will assign a family ambassador who will handle coordination of the family’s schedule in order to make sure each of you know when and where you need to arrive. The investment for these portraits range from $3,500 – $15,000 and are limited to 12 per year.

The time is NOW for family portraits and the weather is perfect as fall is about to be among us. We encourage those interested to call NOW to BOOK your session as these slots will fill quickly!

Wagner Family, RP Signature, Family Portrait, Warrenton, Virginia
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