Mother’s Day at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia!

Once again the Regeti’s are working to give back to the community! We know that even though our lives can be crazy at times that there are families out there go through tougher times than ourselves. In an effort to help the Airlie Center give to the local Shelter we were proud to be able to provide local families with portraits in the gardens as they enjoyed breakfast/brunch at the Airlie Center on Mother’s Day in which proceeds were donated to the Shelter. The great team over at Piedmont Press and Graphics in Warrenton Virginia donated the services for printing the portraits for the families in order to make this event a successful one. No matter how small the time you have to spare it can be heart warming to one’s soul to know that they can provide a selfless service that is invaluable to others. We hope that in a small way we are able to instill this within our children as well. Please pass on the love!

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