Dipali and Rohit wed in Richmond!

Gotta have a little Rohit by my side? Okay if you don’t know Rohit then you are missing out on a hoot of a time as he truly is the life of the party! I imagine that once my youngest son grows older he is going to be just like Rohit, the ultimate happiness contained in one package full of jokes and fun no doubt!

During Rohit and Dipali’s wedding India was playing against Pakistan for the World Cup – Cricket, any of you who are familiar can imagine that this wedding was briefly place on hold until Indian won in order for all the Uncles to watch history in the making. For Rohit and Dipali we were just happy that India won!!!

The wedding turned out to be simply stunning in the sense of decor, atmosphere, family and friendship every where. Dipali and Rohit were one of our couples that knew from the start of their planning that we were going to be part of it. We felt truly loved throughout all our time with the two of them and their families and hope that they will cherish their wedding images for years to come!

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