A little bit of community support for the Habitat for Humanity efforts!

Each year we always try to see what it is we can do not only to make our business better, but in order to support those supporting the world around us. This year we have quite a few organizations that we have decided to offer our time and talent to as they begin to truly push the efforts of each one of their organizations and its cause. First this year for us is the Habitat for Humanity and portraits of its boards members. One thing that intrigued me about this organization was the fact that they offer saved seats for High School rising Seniors be able to experience sitting on the Board of a very important organization and know what it truly means to be a volunteer, giving of your time and energy in hopes to provide a happy and healthier future for others.

Please feel free to click onto Fauquier Habitat to learn more about their opportunities and organization. If you feel you’d like to make a difference you can even donate to the cause on the home page you can click onto the link!

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