And the winner is… Meagan and Adam Arline!

Congratulations to Meagan and Adam as they are the winners of this special little give-a-way! We will be posting some images of the final delivered album once it has arrived at the studio. We thank everyone for their participation in the contest and ask that you always stay tuned to the blog or our FB Fan Page to hear about more offers, sometimes offers are posted to FB and not to the blog so if you are not already a fan certainly become one!

All the Best
Amy and Srinu Regeti

Please see below some images of this newly launched album by the talented and much sought after Queensberry brand:
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For those of you following our FB you were made aware of a special Give-Away that we were presenting right before the New Year. Please read below to learn of the details and restrictions that are set forth in participating in the chance to win a FREE Queensberry Press Album of your wedding photographed by Amy and Srinu in their 2010 wedding season!

How it works?

During the month of December we did a wedding count down of 25 with an added 1 wedding for a final count of 26 weddings in the 2010 year. Each post at the bottom allows for comments to be made within the blog itself to appear at the bottom of the post. The countdown post that receives the most comments posted by January 30, 2011 will be the winner of the unique and newly launched Queensberry Press Album custom designed using a selection of images from their wedding day “RP Favorites”. Remember that the comments must be left directly on the blog post from the countdown and not a wedding blog post itself. Within the FB Comments within the blog you can use your FB userID to login and post directly. You can directly send your countdown posts to friends and family by clicking on the header itself and copying the URL. Note that repeat posters will not be counted.

Rules and Restrictions:

1. Only the countdown’s (1-25, Plus One) posted to the Regeti’s Blog will be eligible for the chance to win a FREE Queensberry Press Album.
2. Multiple posters will not be counted, one comment per user is allowed, per post.
3. Comments should be meaningful, must be one complete sentence (At least 5 words in length.) and please exclude profanity.
3. Album design will be at the discretion of the Regeti’s, the winner will only see the album once it arrives and is in their hands.
4. Cover design, options and layout is as per the Regeti’s selections and will be a surprise.
5. Album will be shared on the blog after it has been shipped. The winner will be asked to post a review of the album online within 5 days of receiving their prize.
6. No exchanges, cash or services can be swapped in place of receiving the album prize.

The winning couple will be announced on February 14th 2011, we wish everyone the best of luck on winning this tiny yet valuable little treasure!

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