1 of 25: Anuja and Sanjay – Destination – Kerala, India

Shortly after we arrived back from India last summer Anuja stumbled on into the Ritz-Carlton South Asian Bridal Show that was hosted in part by Engaged! Magazine. At the time we had no idea that she was interested in our services till a short time after when we received a phone call of her interest, it was then that we remembered exactly who she was!

It was during their engagement session in Old Town Warrenton that we first met Sanjay and without a second thought hit it off quite well with the two of them as a pair. Sanjay himself loves the art of photography and is a extreme hobbyist in the art of photography. Naturally he gravitated towards work that compelled him through the story telling of our wedding images.

Anuja is one who knows exactly what she is looking for and when she is on a mission to get something she sets her heart, she always wins! Luckily for Sanjay she has captured his heart forever.

The time spent with the two of them and their will forever be cherished by us. We will forever remember the smiles that were on Anuja’s mother’s face the days throughout her preparation and marriage to Sanjay, as she passed just days after Anuja and Sanjay’s wedding. We are sure she will always be smiling down on the two of them as they grow as a couple and family, we were indeed honored to have spent time with her throughout our stay. We hope that the two of you will keep in touch and let us know about all life’s precious encounters. May you both have a long and happy married life together!

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Sanjay and Anuja's Wedding in Kerala, India

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