Eric + Donna = Oxon Hill in July!

Lucky enough for us our Associate Ben has decided that July would be a good time to have a baby and luck enough for Donna and Eric that Marie and Hank just happened to know a pretty good photographer 😉 We are just so thrilled that Eric and Donna have made it into our top 25 weddings for this year! Talk about photogenic, this totally is Donna working the glass, truly I don’t think anyone could take a bad photograph of her and Eric.

Last time we were at Oxon Hill it was for the Engaged! Magazine luncheon with Sylvia Weinstock and boy are we excited to be having our first wedding out there on the grounds! The view and property are simply breath taking … Donna and Eric added to it may just make the heart skip a beat!

DonnaEppsEric 142

DonnaEppsEric 151

DonnaEppsEric 164

DonnaEppsEric 216

DonnaEppsEric 271

DonnaEppsEric 286

DonnaEppsEric 335

DonnaEppsEric 360

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