And the winner for “Best Social Photography” is…

The Regeti’s! We almost did not believe it! Honestly we were not preparing in any way for a win as we were just honored to receive 2 nominations on our first try, none the less to take home an award for “Best Social Photography”!

When I went up to accept the award it was like I had so much I wanted to say and a few really important people to thank, but that went out the window as the emotions just over took me. Once they said our name and I was up there it became so surreal! Srinu and I have watched ISES for a good 3-4 years and honestly never joined because of the commitment it involves with attending and the awesome and talented individuals that are so very active within the organization, we wanted to be sure that we were worthy of playing in the big leagues 😉 . Then it was decided a year ago to date that we were just going to do it! And we did… we have never felt so welcomed in a group before … and to think… Why were we so scared? We truly feel that we are part of something special, powerful and most of all great!

Now for what I really wanted to say before my emotions got the best of me!

First and foremost to Srinu… the man who has brought so much not only to my life, but out of me. He is my cushion to every fall, he is my strength when I need it the most. It is fortunate for the two of us that together we are able to make such wonderful magic. For that we both thank the Lord above. Not only is he my husband and the father to our wonderful children, he is my very best friend. Without him my soul would forever be searching… I love you will all of my being!

To Terri Perry our dearest friend… for always keeping us focused, grounded and reminding us all the time that what we do has purpose and meaning and not to forget it! Night or day your always there and we just want you to know that it is appreciated in so many ways. To her hubby “Big Al” for sharing her when he certainly could keep her all for himself! And for proofing all our binders on such short notice! We love you both dearly!

To our team here at RP for cheering and rooting for us! For having faith in what we represent as a brand and for loving our business as much as we do. You guys are awesome and we could not have chose a better staff!

To MIkel and David and ALL the rest of our clients for just being you and allowing us in on the most important day of your lives to document and preserve memories that will forever be a part of who you are. It is with great pleasure that we serve all of you!

And for everyone else out there reading right now, you know who you are! For loving us, supporting us and helping to guide us… you are always close to our hearts!

For those of you curious, here are some shots that our Associate Ben took of us before we left and of course the award!

Ises 2009  Best Social Photography Award

Amy and Srinu Regeti
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